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The Professor’s Office

Odd objects, literature, manuals, art and other inspiring items all to be found in a peculiar professor’s office. An immersive installation for exploration.
“ ...your curiosity has never been so unconquerable... ”


Joanna Burejza
People in The Affected Area

Sam Nightingale
Picture has not been Checked

Junko Ogura
A Little Book of Milk

Pippa Healy
At This Hour

Raoul Ries
Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji

Aaron Schuman

Grace Schwidt
Ten in Berlin

Sunil Shah

Aggie Toppins
Critical Theory Cocktails

Alia Zapparova

Tereza Zelenkova
Supreme Vice

From a r c h i p e l a g o

Valentina Abenavoli

AM Projects
(antony cairns, tiane doan na champassak,
olivier pin fat, ester vonplon and daisuke yokota)

Ruth van Beek
The Cast

Yannick Bouillis
I absolutely forbade all public photographs of myself

Roger Eberhard
Martin Parr looking at photobooks

Anoka Faruqee
The Visible Spectrum

Darren Harvey-Regan
The Erratics

Tom Lovelace
At Home She’s a Tourist/ Eva Stenram

Bernadetta Morillo

Edward Newton
nothing at the moment

Melanie Veuillet
Disobedience Tools

Corinne Vionnet

Harley Weir

Nico Krebs & Taiyo Onorato
Continental Drift

and those who wish to remain anonymous