Run by artists and photographers, is a week of exhibitions and discussions about images – how we make, view and think of them. UA-108003947-1


Engage Visitors

  • We received more than 5000 online interactions and attracted over 1000 visitors. Hundreds of students and early-career artists benefited from our critically informative, inspiring programs. 

  • We welcomed several groups of school kids to the exhibition and offered an opportunity for them, as people who use photography everyday, to engage in a different way with images.

Support Artists

  • We brought together 24 internationally diverse artists, of which 15 are emerging or early-mid career artists. We further supported the emerging artists with an art flea market at which they were able to sell their work with no commission or costs.

  • We addressed and discussed in depth some burning questions for the community, for example ‘Does photography need theory?’, and ‘What does it mean to work in art photography?’ with packed audiences.

Create New Experience

  • We created fresh ways of presenting and reading works from some of the biggest names in the art world.

  • We experimented with innovative ways of experiencing visual art, such as the Critical Cocktail Parties, the Professor’s Office, and cinema screenings of experimental moving image works that engage with the still image.

Make Opportunities

  • We collaborated with 2 established institutions and a further 12 interesting organisations and projects. The collaborations allowed us to create something we couldn’t have alone and also offered our partners a fresh and effective manner to make their impact.

  • We facilitated opportunities for people to connect with each other, exchange ideas and make wonderful things happen.