pic.london is a not-for-profit festival that is initiated, led and run by artists and photographers, which ran its first edition in Oct 2017.

The Professor’s Office

Gallery SO Mezzanine

Odd objects, literature, manuals, art and other inspiring items all to be found in a peculiar professor’s office. An immersive installation for exploration.

“ ...your curiosity has never been so unconquerable... ”


Joanna Burejza
People in The Affected Area

Sam Nightingale
Picture has not been Checked

Junko Ogura
A Little Book of Milk

Pippa Healy
At This Hour

Raoul Ries
Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji

Aaron Schuman

Grace Schwidt
Ten in Berlin

Sunil Shah

Aggie Toppins
Critical Theory Cocktails

Alia Zapparova

Tereza Zelenkova
Supreme Vice

From a r c h i p e l a g o

Valentina Abenavoli

AM Projects (antony cairns, tiane doan na champassak, olivier pin
fat, ester vonplon and daisuke yokota)

Ruth van Beek
The Cast

Yannick Bouillis
I absolutely forbade all public photographs of myself

Roger Eberhard
Martin Parr looking at photobooks

Anoka Faruqee
The Visible Spectrum

Darren Harvey-Regan
The Erratics

Tom Lovelace
At Home She’s a Tourist/ Eva Stenram

Bernadetta Morillo

Edward Newton
nothing at the moment

Melanie Veuillet
Disobedience Tools

Corinne Vionnet

Harley Weir

Nico Krebs & Taiyo Onorato
Continental Drift

and those who wish to remain anonymous