pic.london is a not-for-profit festival that is initiated, led and run by artists and photographers, which ran its first edition in Oct 2017. UA-108003947-1

The first edition of pic.london ran from 26 Oct to 5 Nov 2017 in four venues across East and Central London. Over the 10 days period, over 1000 visitors enjoyed our exhibitions, talks, and events.

We experimented with new ways of experiencing visual art, such as the Critical Cocktail Party and Professor’s Office. We brought together 24 internationally diverse artists at various stages of their careers. We addressed some burning questions for the arts community. Our collaborations with a wide range of institutions and projects allowed us to achive something unique, and also offered our partners a fresh and effective manner to make their impact.

We achieved all this with a tiny budget, a team manned solely by volunteers, and lots of passion and persistence.

Professor’s Office, an immersive installation at pic.london 2017